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HISTORY of Christian Theology



Interior of the Savior’s Transfiguration Cathedral (1710), Uglich, Russia

Portrait of Galileo Galilei (c. 1640), Justus Sustermans (1597–1681), National Maritime Museum, London, UK {PD-old-100}

Mount Sinai Egypt, Piotr

Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225-1274) stained glass window. Cathedral of Saint-Rombouts, Mechelen (Belgium). Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 license.

Portrait of Isaac Newton, (1642-1727). by Sir Godfrey Kneller (1689), Institute for Mathematical Sciences, University of Cambridge, [PD]

Queen Elizabeth I in coronation robes by unknown artist, National Portrait Gallery, [PD-old-100]

Francis Bacon, Viscount St Alban, by unknown artist, National Portrait Gallery, [PD-old-100]

Gott schreibt Moses auf dem Berg Sinai die zehn Gebote auf zwei steinerne Tafeln, Joseph von Führich (1800–1876), Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria, [PD-old-100]

Christ and the Rich Young Ruler, (1889), Heinrich Hofmann (1824–1911), Riverside Church, New York, [PD-US]

Emperor Charlemagne, Albrecht Dürer (1471–1528), Germanisches Nationalmuseum, Nürnberg, Germany, [PD-US]

Earth from Space

Jesus walking on the Sea of Galilee, Paul Brill (c. 1553/1554–1626), Museum of John Paul II Collection, [PD-old-100]

Nativity, stained glass


Evangelist Billy Graham speaking at Doak Campbell Stadium, State Library and Archives of Florida, No known copyright restrictions.

Christus Consolator, by Carl Heinrich Bloch (1834–1890), Brigham Young University Museum of Art, [PD]