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HISTORY of Christian Theology


We invite you to join us as we embark on a journey through history to retrace humanity’s search for meaning and discover where this pursuit has led us today. Perhaps during this expedition, we may each discover something new about ourselves and our fellow travelers on this quest. . . . more

 1 – Synopsis

We begin our course of inquiry by evaluating various preliminary concepts needed to put the people, events and ideas that we will study into a broader picture to provide increased understanding. First, we will begin by reviewing the human quest for meaning, the origin of religion and the role of fear in religion. Then, we’ll consider how the human factor interplays with religion and how Christians have determined truth over the ages. . . . more

 2 – The Human Quest for Meaning

We universally recognize that our capacity to reason is a distinguishing characteristic of the human race, yet we often fail to appreciate the magnitude and force of the human need for purpose. The innate human need for meaning and purpose in life is an even greater defining attribute of humanity than reason alone. In a very broad perspective, to be human is to be religious, whether one acknowledges it or not. . . . more

 3 – The Origin of Religion

Is Religion innate with the human species or is it a legacy of our primeval stupidity that we need to jettison? A review of the various theories regarding the origin of religion may help us answer this question. . . . more

 4 – Fear and Religion  

Fear often plays a role in human social interaction and in religious beliefs and practices. Among these fears are: . . . more

 5 – The Human Factor

We enhance our study of Christian religious history by considering how the following six human influences have continually impacted religious thought and actions throughout history:. . . more

 6 – What is True?

Throughout history Christians have used combinations and variations of the following seven approaches to evaluate the veracity of religious doctrines: . . . more

 7 – What is True? continued . . . more


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Period I – The Early and Medieval Church


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