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HISTORY of Christian Theology

The Donatist Controversy

HCT article is pending. A local dispute regarding a congregationís rejection of a new bishop because he had not been faithful during a period of persecution led to a Churchwide pivotal controversy regarding: Worthiness and Authority, The validity of ordinances, Local autonomy verses the pre-eminence of the Bishop of Rome, The role of Councils, and Ties between the Church and State

Early Developments in Church Structure & Practices

HCT article is pending. The rapid growth of Christianity strained its fractured leadership organization resulting in various developments in its structure and practices, including: Method of selecting priests and bishops: Geographical hierarchical units: The...


HCT article is pending. The Emperor Constantineís adoption of Christianity as the state religion ushered in the greatest changes to the Church that had occurred since the death of the Apostles. This dynamic period changed the course of history, so it is essential to study what happened in order to fully understand our world today, including a review of the following issues: Constantine’s Conversion Story From Outlawed to Favored Status ñ Material Benefits Conversion for convenience Radical shift in internal attitudes More organizational and ceremonial developments

Apologists and Internal Debate

HCT article is pending. This period of persecution and internal divisions inspired apologetic and theological writing from several Christian intellectuals including: Justin Martyr:

Roman Persecution – Martyrdom

HCT article is pending. Links to more articles: Ignatius of Antioch: Polycarp:

Gnosticism and Other Heresies

HCT article is pending. Links to more articles: Docetism: Adoptionism:...